Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

We are mostly a working ranch with rabbits, chickens, cats, dogs, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, camels, alpacas, and tortious. Obviously, volunteers should not have any allergies or sensitivities to any animals if they want to do volunteer with us.

The ranch is permanently occupied by myself (Joy). Generally, there are people around the ranch. However, much of the work is independent of others. Some may, at times, feel isolated such as when you are out on the ranch working alone or feeding. Other times, the ranch comes alive with guests, volunteers, staff and youth. There is a wide variety of work to be done so it is rare that we get complaints about the lack of diversity. Most volunteers enjoy the opportunity to learn to work with animals and livestock.

The property is 15 acres. The weather is cold and wet December through part of March, warmer and less rain April thru May; hot during the months of June through September and mild to cool in October and November.

We run a non-profit organization teaching life skill to youth through their on-going service work helping homeless animals and learning environmental appreciation. Our main focus is working and teaching animal husbandry and working with livestock. However, we do not slaughter or consume (eat) animals raised on this ranch.

Most volunteers assist with caring for the animals. However, other areas of need for help are with carpentry, landscaping, gardening, maintenance, cleaning, cooking, errands, administration, gathering, cutting and splitting wood for winter, assistance with youth who come to the ranch, fencing, electrical, plumbing. We are open to consider any other skills or experience visitors may have to offer.

Age Requirements:

For most volunteer opportunities at Scatter Joy Acres, volunteers must be at least 6 years of age, we know that some families have younger kids and they are welcome to join. Children ages 2-12 must be accompanied by a parent at all times while volunteering at Scatter Joy Acres. Teens ages 13-17 may volunteer with parent on first volunteer day and then with administration approval and parents then can volunteer independently.

Responsibilities & Duties:

Cleaning large animal and small animal shelter housing barns. Barn cleaners are assigned daily cleaning responsibilities for a full, 3 hour daily work shift day. Cleaning procedures include:
Raking out all bedding straw/shavings in barns
Scrubbing perches, nest boxes, feed & water pallets
Scrubbing walls & gates
Cobweb dusting barns
Cleaning nursery/rabbit barn walls and flooring
Spreading old bedding on pastures
Assisting with farm maintenance as needed
Animal care
Helping with guests
Art project


Reliable and dependable
Ability to work well independently
Able to work in all weather conditions
Able to perform strenuous physical labor and lifting
Ability to complete all barn cleaning schedules as assigned
Team player; able to work well with a variety of people
Previous farm or work experience at animal care facility helpful
Farm equipment knowledge & ability to drive tractors helpful


Providing a friendly and inviting experience to guest
Answering guests’ questions
Learn about and be able to talk about our animals
Checking gates to be sure they are getting closed
Making sure Ranch Rules are followed
Monitor the environment for cleanliness, picking up trash when found.