Help Sponsor Samson Medical

I received a phone call Friday evening around 7 pm that this little guy had been hit by a car and they were looking for a rescue to help him. Of course due to me love for Pyres my heart melted. The ER stayed in contact with me through out the night and after x-rays we found out he had some fractured ribs as well as fractured pelvis. They were slowing taking him off the oxygen in hopes he would start to breath on his own and after 48 hours he was. And he would walk outside to go to the bathroom. But the road is not over. He arrived at SJA Wednesday afternoon after being released from the ER and is heading to Sirius Veterinary for consultation and surgery for his pelvis fracture, Thursday morning, This little guy is only 6 months old and should make a great recovery. He is so affectionate and happy we saved him. Would you consider helping support the Veterinary expenses for Samson?

Taking in rescue animals means taking responsibility for their well-being and helping them find a new purpose. Love and time make all the difference, but they still need food and shelter. In sponsoring an animal, you help ease the monthly burden we have in caring for these therapy animals that give so much back to the people they serve.  Animals provide unconditional love.  The love they receive at Scatter Joy Acres is paid back tenfold in the caring, compassion and understanding they provide the people with whom they work.


Donation List

Here is a short list of some items that we are in need of. All donations are 100% tax deductible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. You can always donate financially via the Donate button in our top menu. As always, thank you so much for your support!

****URGENT NEED***** Brome Grass Hay Square Bales. Or round bales.

• Gift cards for Tractor Supply, North West Feed, Washco Feed, Menard’s etc for supplies
• Round wood fence posts
• Long heavy duty wood screws 3″
• Long heavy duty nails 3″
• 1x 4’s
• 2×4′s 12 ft
• 4×4′s
• 2×10′s
• Tubes of silicone
• lead ropes-
• Bags of concrete
• Trash bags for 55 gallon cans
• Portable Awning or Pop-up tent Portable

• Picnic tables
• Horse treats
• Meal worms for chickens
• Someone to do maintenance on equipment
• Weed sprayer to pull behind tractor
• Golf Cart or Utility vehicle to give tours in
• Paper towels
• Hand sanitizer (preferably 1-2L bottles)
• cat litter
• Cat food
• Dog treats (not milk bones)
• Utility knives
• Office supplies- paper, stamps, facial tissue, toilet paper, note pads, markers
• Craft items for youth projects