Pet Adoption

Looking for a new furry friend? Whether you seek a small critter, or typical lap pet- Scatter Joy Acres is the place to start!

Scatter Joy Acres is proud to host shelter animals that are available for adoption through our organization, and with other wonderful rescues with whom we’ve developed cooperative relationships. A typical visit to the ranch will not only put you in contact with our resident animals, but many other’s who are looking for a home.

Being a shelter animal at Scatter Joy Acres ensures that the animals are highly socialized- being exposed to daily visitors. If an animal comes to us with any anti-social behaviors, it’s likely that this is worked out pretty quickly (as it’s the only way of life at the ranch!).  

Our Scatter Joy shelter animals are found on Petfinder, but if you’re looking for the full meet-and-greet with ALL the animals we host until they find their “furever” home, come visit today! No appointment required. 

Pet Adoption Forms

Ready to Adopt a pet?  Here is where your start!  Please file out the form below in detail.  Most fields are required so please be thorough.  

How long have you lived at your present address?

Do you own or rent your home? **If Rental Property, Please provide Landlord & Lease info at bottom of page in Additional Info.

Select the type of Dwelling you live in:

Describe dwelling if Other:

List all members currently living in the household:

If you move what will you do with this pet?

Please provide name and contact information for your veterinarian, or the one you will use with this pet.

Please list TWO references I may contact regarding this adoption.

Please list all pets you have owned in the last five years:

If you have lost a pet or it died at an early age or due to an accident, please provide details:

Have you ever sold, given away or euthanized a pet, please provide details:

Describe your reason for wanting to adopt a pet:

Are you willing to donate the agreed upon Adoption Fee?

Additional Information:

SJA and its representatives accept no responsibility for damage or injury caused by this animal or guarantee as to its present or future medical condition or temperament.

Do you agree to abide by all state and local pet control laws. I understand it is my responsibility to become familiar with these laws?

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