Hospital Visit

"Thank you so much for bringing Big Mike to visit the residents. It was truly amazing to see the effect that your Great Dane had on the people at DCHC. Folks that don't normally speak were asking questions; people who normally stare into space were engaged and looking at him and reaching out for him. It was truly amazing!

God Bless!"



"Scatter Joy Acres has been such a Godsend for our family. It abounds in peace and hope. It offers the opportunity to be with nature and animals, both of which have a tremendous calming effect. The animals help one to get out of self and to feel more connected. The Ranch offers the opportunity for new experiences, such as horseback riding, and the confidence that goes along with trying and succeeding at something new. Joy's model acceptance of each individual just as they are, with heartfelt encouragement that they can achieve more and move closer to their dreams, whatever they may be."

Melody R

Open Door Mission

"The Open Door Mission is grateful for Scatter Joy Acres' partnership during its 2012 Project Santa Event. The live nativity animals brought to life The Christmas Story for the homeless and poverty stricken in our community. Many were seeing and touching animals for the first time. Thank you for making memories for those less fortunate."

Candace L. Gregory-President/CEO-Open Door Mission-Omaha, NE

Sydney Story

"A little girl had been seeing her counselor for three weeks and she would not talk to her about what had happened to her. We were called in to help with one of our animals. We took in a bunny named Spot. I spend 10 minutes with Sydney and Spot and we talked about Spot his colors, how soft he was and how to hold Spot. I left the room and the work began. Sydney for the past three years had been sexually molested by someone and she was scared to tell anyone. After 45 minuted the Counselor came out and told me that Sydney had told Spot who, what, when and how long this had been happening. This is a true test of how many of our animals are making a difference everyday in people lives. Sydney and Spot still see each other weekly."

Walnut Grove Resort Lifestyle Community

"Just a few words to thank you for your generous presentation of your animals to the men & women of Walnut Grove. I'm sure everyone her enjoyed your animals very much. Thank you again for sharing them with us."

CJ Age 90.

Princess Birthday Party

"Hi Joy,

Thank you for bringing your most ADORABLE ponies to Alivia's birthday party!! They were such HIT for the girls, and adults too! Thanks for bringing Storm too - he acts like a puppy! Both of them, such a sweet personality. I can tell they're used to lots of kids and chaos ... and shiny objects, and flying decorations, they were so CALM!

I'm so glad to know about you and your farm, and we all agreed we would love to come visit on a day that works in your schedule. I will send you a few pictures for your own photo library, once I have a chance to download my pictures. We all read your brochure and we all say AMEN and AMEN!! That's so COOL how you use your horses for the glory of the Lord, and how you share that with others!!

Thank you for your work in the ministry - keep doing what you're doing. After you left, we had shadow play of the story of Queen Esther - hopefully that planted a seed or two!

Have a great day!"


Big Brothers Big Sisters


I just want to thank you for hosting Big Brothers Big Sisters out at your ranch. Everyone had a wonderful time and I think the ability to interact directly with the animals was a very meaningful experience for these kids. While we were there the troubles melted away and they were free to enjoy nature of the beauty of the blessing around them. Thank you for providing that to our matches. The adults had as much fun as the kids and they were kids again themselves.

Joy was great with the group and she was a fantastic host. The time worked out just fine and we got to do all that we planned on. She taught us so much about all the different animals and their backgrounds. It was really neat to hear about the rehabilitation of some of the animals. You guys are doing great things there and you can tell it is your passion.

Thank you again for the amazing experience you provided us. Enjoy Autumn and all the beauty it provides."

Elizabeth Hansen - Events Manager, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Midlands